The Return of the Return of Hat Microtransaction 15p

Closed setup comes courtesy of tn, it’s a good one and I’m pretty excited for it. Running this with the friendly tag.

We’ll start as soon as we hit 15. Days will be approximately 72 hours, nights approximately 24. No mod lies, no conversion mechanics or mid game alignment changes. Ask questions in the signup thread if you got em, otherwise hit that /in button for a rollicking good time.

My replacement policy: after the game has started, if you have to bow out and you provide your own sub, I’ll allow it. If you go AWOL, I’ll give you one or two warnings depending on severity, then I’ll modkill at the end of the following night phase.
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the return of the return of the return, ho!

The following are not allowed to /in due to having setup knowledge:
@tn5421 @fferyllt @Panopticon


OP updated with replacement policy.

Where dem people at? This is a good game you should all play it.

people that were in the original game:
unnamed alisae / metal sonic hydra
_fferyllt (who im given to understand isn’t the same as fferyllt)

and i was kind of close to filling the return game, but can’t see who joined it


Return for the return.


Where is the horde of signups you slackers

Thank you Key, every avalanche starts with one pebble with poor balance.

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I think “pebble with poor balance” is probably the most accurate thing anyone has ever said about me.


Everyone that isn’t signed up for this should be ashamed of themselves tbh