The Electoral College PT


Welcome to the Electoral College.

You may not participate in the main game thread. As an additional means of communication, every day, you will vote here in order to determine if the President Of The United States will be able to join this thread. They will automatically be added as soon as a majority is reached and automatically removed once their Presidential term has come to an end.

This thread is now open as N0 should be starting shortly… The Electoral College must prepare.


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None of my shit affects this group hmm.

I wonder what does or do we just live dealing with each other for awhile even with a hard scumread?

Don’t think any of mine do either

I think we probably leave each other alive for awhile but I’d have to read the alternate win cons closer and Im too out of it for that right now

Looks like they can lynch in here and we get limited communication abilities with the thread but a lot of sway over the abilities the president has

Which makes me think we’re half scum LOL

I mean there’s obviously at least one scum in here

Though I’m wondering how the "if any thread reaches 0 players " thing impacts it like can mafia NK in here too because then it puts a clock on the game if we lynch in here as well.

So all in all I’m very confused

I can’t tell if mafia can NK in here or not tbh

From what I’ve skimmed it seems like a non-optimal idea to kill in here first—if town in here dies before scum there’s a situation where there might only be one electoral college member alive that is most likely scum but can’t be killed because killing one group entirely while any scum are alive is a town loss.

I think.


I don’t know how to approach this yet tbh

At a minimum you can soul read elli and swear on y’all lives


The Elections have begun!

You may all send me your private ballots for the presidency. Which of The Free People Of America should have the honor of becoming the very first President of the United States of America?

In addition… I have two items for you to vote on in this thread:

Presidential powers D1/N1:

A Symbol Of Hope: The President is the figurehead of society and the first president of the United States will have a reputation untarnished till the end of time. The President becomes lynchproof for the duration of their presidency.


Smoke in Mirrors: The presidency is a sham, the people don’t hold the power, you do! The President becomes voteless for the duration of their presidency, the Electoral College becomes lynchproof for the duration of the presidency.

Should the president be added to this private thread on D1:




You cannot change your mind after answering the questions.

You may also send me any N0 actions as the day/night phase is separated N0 … D1/N1 … D2/N2 …

Can we discuss votes or is it ballot then talk?

This thread is always open. You can discuss, but voting for president is privately done.

The other two items are voted on here.

Let’s vote seth for president and do smoke and mirrors

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I’m inclined to say better to make us immune D1 in part since we’re very unlikely to be TKed anyways, based off a combination of mechanics and name-recognition? I’m not sure if that logic tracks or not tho

Lmao I’m game