The Big Gunrange In The Sky

Welcome to the Texas Town deadthread.


my first n1 death in a mafia game

Scum guesses?

probably dan/andres

elli elwood town probably

srceenplay and chess come off scummy to me and probably one of them are scum but I think dan/andres are worse?

Closeish, sort of!


lmao i was way off

I was being polite :joy:

ayy I still did my job though town only needs 3 lock clears to win and I was one of them so :woman_shrugging:

you either die obv town or live long enough to fuck the game up with shit reads

tbh it should be 75% not 50% for town today or the setup is grossly imbalanced
something for next run nook

as in at 3v1

town lynched, town shoots town has a town with a gun and a town and a mafia and that town with a gun shouldn’t die until after they shoot again

Went back and forth with it. I think this is reasonable with person shot considered dead immediately, but let’s see how it plays out.

because days 1 and 2 went best possible (3/8)(2/6) and we’re still at a 50% chance to win atm.

I mean there should be an incentive for scum to get town lunched even if they’re gonna get shot right after that’s the only thing

eh, it’s scum’s responsibility to not get shot, the ev’s are super heavily in their favor i think