The After-Afterlife (Demonic Mafia Dead Chat)

Welcome to Demonic Mafia dead chat!

You’re the only one dead, so you’re the only one here.


so how would I have changed the gamestate?

You summon the divine entities into the thread.

poor lost souls

You dying means they’re brought into the game at the start of D3. Cant have two players that count towards win conditions unkillable for the entire game!

sad, did one of the souls janitor me?

The DE are both told ratio throughout the game.

Crazy how everyone went from there is zero ambiguity in this game to oh my role isn’t clear and has weird wording and divine entities, this isn’t straightforward at all.

Yeah I really did not understand the “there’s no ambiguity” thing at all. The entire game is based around ambiguity :woman_shrugging:

eh I wasn’t v inspiring anyway.

I think there were probably legit reasons to kill you, but that wasn’t one of them :woman_shrugging:

Elli was probs asspulling to avoid saying he was just meta reading me.

I mean he almost definitely was, but people still bought it :woman_shrugging:


@Ellibereth you dead

Elwood you are also deadski


unfortunate gladiate
and unfortunate no nks