Texas Town v2: Texasier

3 town and 2 scum. Scum win at parity. Town dies AFTER making their shot.

D1 plays out as normal, with a person dying via Town Kill (TK)—majority ends day early, plurality at EOD if no majority reached by then (ties broken privately by scum). If that player is scum, the scum get a N1 NK. If the player is town, that town player gets a gun and can shoot someone. If they shoot scum, the day ends. If they shoot town, they die immediately and the newly shot town player gets the gun. This continues until a scum dies or the scum reach their win condition (covered below). A town player that has been shot dies as soon as they take their shot. Shots are compulsory, if no shot is submitted a town player is shot at random by the GM.

Win conditions:

Town: kill all the scum

Scum: Parity

Days will be approximately 72 hours long, majority will end day early. A town with a gun will have 24 hours to shoot. Talking in thread is allowed as normal during the shot period. Nights with a NK will be approximately 24 hours, nights without will be 12ish. Scum have 24/7 communication.

Replacement policy: If you have to replace out, I’ll accept any sub you provide. If I would have to find your replacement, I’ll modkill instead.

Role PMs: every town gets the same role PM, scum have a copy of the town Role PM, as per usual. The only customization is in the subject line so I can distinguish quickly in my sent box. Anyone that tries to angleshoot PM composition will be warned and/or mod killed. You know who you are.


Role PMs being sent out, game will start when enough people confirm.


Go go go 2019-09-20T22:00:00Z


So how do we do this?

with 3v2 hitting scum d1 is going to be uber hard.
realistically it’ll be tk into shoot scum into winning lylo

So are we trying to lynch the most town person then?

with 72 hours
probably spend 24 hours trying to figure out alignments
then 24 trying to lynch scummiest
then after that fails 24 trying to lynch someone that’ll end up shooting the scummiest that isn’t obvtown

something like that

Or yaknow we just lynch scum and lock it up easy peasy

Would need all of town to find each other and agree on one person

Ya but if scum are deliberately refusing to bus that should stand out?

Unless scum deliberately refuses to “bus” a townie and then that mentality backfires on us

anytime someone tries to not lynch me i assume they are pocketing me so that shit doesnt necessarily work on me tho

what are the winning odds if we just lynch elli because hes either scum or has the best reads of all of us?

just realized this setup is straight broken for town on odds lol

lynching me town wins 3/10 of the time I think

eh it’s not straight broken actually I lied
think town wins this 0.52 of the time with random d1 lynch

wait hold on nevermind this is borked

tk into shooting town still gives town another shot
didn’t realize that in the above

wait not borked I’m just garbage at math

3p lylo is 3/5 for town

town reaches 3p lylo 7/10 of the time

so 21/50

I think that’s right, I’ll check again when i’m not on a bus zzz