Texas Town v2: Texasier

I don’t know math but I do understand parity

If we lynch into town and then town shoots town game is over because it’s 2v2 at that point

oh scum wins at parity.

okay so it’s 4/7 x 3/5 = 12/35?



Elli talking about odds instead of alignment is probably Scum Elli. Any takers?

I’m going to go off of what he already agreed to:

If he doesn’t give us alignment reads by 24 hours in then I’m voting him

you’re going to be voting me

Sounds good to me then

An aggressive Matroshka gambit


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I don’t like this game so far

I am also the only player in this playerbase that actively talks constantly though so maybe I’m the outlier here

Why are you asking for takers instead of just voting him?

vote elli for dollmaker

Have you solved the game yet Elli?

i’m excited for the juicy 50/50 into the juicy 60%.

Oh so it’s a coin flip game, in which case Chess is scum


Drink down the sweet sweet coin flip juice you bastard

Nanook and Elli also scum if it’s a coin flip