Tarot uPick: Under A Deviant Moon - GAME OVER!

How will scum know what you are? Won’t they have the same GM info as town? Lynched or night-killed, you’d just appear to be Not Dead.

Moot point anyway since everybody knows now.

What’s bugging you about cat’s tree stump role?

Why is Elli Not Possibly Scum?

Yes, scum would not know why I was still alive.
But WOULD know my alignment.
Town would not know why I was alive
AND would NOT know my alignment.

While I am town, I think my not flipping favours scum rather than town.
That is what I have been trying to balance out.

VC 3-3

chessbaby3: 3 (pyx, catspurr, smilodon)

catspurr: 3 (ellibereth, chessbaby3, Judge Mental)

Srceenplay: 1 (Alisae)

Not Voting: 3 (GuyinFreezer, ActionDan, Srceenplay)

Deadline: March 31 Midnight US Eastern Time

Autolock Timer set to 30 minutes after Day 3 deadline is at the bottom of the thread

With 10 Alive it takes 6 to majority-lynch

Day 1 Begins
Day 1 Ends
Day 2 Begins
Day 3 Begins



Not wanting to gulopo (or however the word is spelt)

If Elli is scum?
How do you explain no deaths night one?

I have a thought about that. You can ask me later. After they respond

Lol! Guapo. I should tell the One and Only Original Guapo that henceforward he is… the gulopo!

No deaths could have happened because scum forgot to put in a kill (it happens), or had a choice of kill or some other move (recruit a Traitor for instance), or some other town role/s was/were in play (busdriver, jailkeeper, various combinations).

The thought is about no night kill. Not about Ellibereth being scum.

@catspurr Please ask what happens when you die in terms of what ffery will post ty.

Done, I have asked her both what happens if I am lynch and if the same thing happens if I am killed in some other way.

I assume it is the same, but! With this GM!
Never assume anything :slight_smile:

In refereence to Elli being the target of a failed N1 kill, I thought Chesskid had confirmed that being the case.

It was all very confusing and I may have misunderstood.
But I Believed that Chesskid had ‘protected’ elli in someway at the direction of Erica who was, I think his Lover.

And that Chesskid said he had some kind of confirmation of this.
So much so that he told Guyinfreezer that he was wrong in His belief.

Chess protected Erika and as a result loverized them.

Then why were they so sure it was they who ‘saved’ You?

they weren’t lmao

What’s the odds that Gif lied?

Fferyllt has replied to my message.

If I am lynched or die in any other way, my cards will be shown, but the flip will read something like,‘Check back later’.


my opinion

I obviously have to reread.
I’m going out for the day, but when I get home I will reread chesskids, posts.