Tarot uPick: Under A Deviant Moon - GAME OVER!

I told you I’m town. Good enough. How much more do I have to give you?

For me, here’s the thing on both babychess and screamplay; yes, they’re both scummy, but it’s just possible they may each in their own way be too scummy to actually be scum.

baby is almost as scummy as beeboy is lack of play. If scum got stuck with 2 of those that’s rough, and it may be more likely the remaining scum are trying a wee harder than babychess. The excuse he’s given is his softclaim of worthless town, so he claims to be playing to his role.

screenplug has been aggressive all game, while saying he hasn’t. He’s said he hasn’t were he has on a lot of things, and denies he’s lied as a basis for his vote and campaigning for others to join him, even when he’s been shown the lie and that his reasoning has no base. He’s shaded just about everyone in the game at some point, beginning with the ‘fake’ bw on Elli. He came into the game itching to hammer someone, and has maintained that stance throughout, except when given a 6-hour window to hammer me. I find him scummy, though he’s had a couple of posts that seem completely from a town mindset. IF he’s scum, he’s been awfully obvious about it. I find he’s likely just an irritating townie, like me.

What is it I “lied” about again?
Don’t remember that conversation.

Also I thought I did hammer you. Big disappointment that it wasn’t. I still you are scum and am very comfortable with you being the vote for the day.

My post was clearly a reply to Smilo as indicated by the “reply to smilodon”.

Only if mafia games were that simple

Judge, I don’t mean to rile you up. I realise you have me as scum after cats and AD I guess. I just want to be clear on your rationale behind ActionDan. Are you basically failing back to your early Day 1 slight ping, or are you saying nothing Dan has done since has seemed townish to you? I know a lot has happened since then.

Wait Cat.
Do you flip after you die.

This is exactly what I asked the GM before I outed Day 1
No, I don’t.
Do You?


there you fucking go

ha ha why rile me up when you can shade me like you do, like below:

…and just the right amount of muddy shading:

are you being too scummy to be scum?

I missed that it was a reply to smilodon and just saw your opportunitistic followed by my name.
So I am sorry that I took that post out of context.

do you have any meta re chessbaby?

I apologise to chessbaby. This reply is wrong because his post was for smilodon.

you already apologised, buddy

Wasn’t sure I had made it clear which post I was apologising for.

My scum pool heading into today was Chessbaby/Smiles/Screen. Cat’s role is throwing me for a loop. Same with the Elli vote. Even so not as convinced as others that Cat is scum. The only way Pyx can be scum if it’s with Elli and the voting pattern and events of D2 make that highly unlikely. Also there’s no world in which Elli is scum. There is a world where Alisae is scum but in that world I don’t think Alisae extracted as much town cred from a bus as they could of.

Judge still probably town but I’m inclined to ignore every post they make.

I should probably reread smiley’s people.

fair enough!

I will do the same for pyx’s posts

Yes, I know your reasoning, and it’s fine. I just meant I’d have played it very differently, not worried about town wifom and let scum be anxious about you still being alive. Might even be they wouldn’t notice you not voting and try to kill you again, wasting a kill.

Also I don’t think fferyllt would give scum a tree stump. I mean, she might, being as she’s evil like that, but I don’t think she would.

Actually wait.
Fucking hell.

Cat, exactly what happens after you die in terms of knowledge the thread gets.

Actually Wait Yes.
Fucking Hell Yes Yes.

My understanding is that I don’t flip.
Whether the GM will say why there is not a flip or say flip, he is now a treestump I don’t know.

But my alignment flip will not be for two days after I have been killed.
So the lynch is not going to give town a result.
In answer to smilodon, good point, but for the two days town is wondering what the fuck I am, scum will know.