Tarot uPick: Reply Hazy, Try Again Later (Dead Thread)

Welcome to the dead thread!

Dead thread is quite dead!


u suck chess

false sense of security.

I didn’t use my second motivate lol

What happened when I motivated you?

It wasn’t a motivate, precisely.

If the player had an action available, you would make the action unblockable. If the player was an expended x-shot, you would give them a weaker version of their x-shot ability. If the player had passives only, you’d give them a degree of agency.

kill chess and myself

did I actually stop the kill n1 cuz I was convinced I did lol

You didn’t stop the kill on N1.

who was killed then, me or elli?

I was hopping to save my role block for one more night since clearly Catspurr was town.

I’d probably use it on smiles.

Let me just organize claims;

Chess baby amnesiac watcher that targeted Elli twice.
Judge got results such that only Gif targeted Elli N1
Screenplay “inventor” that targeted Elli but implied N1.

Anyway I take believe Catpurr decided to sac herself over a clear 1v1. that’s just… bad.

Would also imply I was the kill N1

Elli was the kill on n1.

well chess baby/judge are both scum or scum has a ninja and Screenplay is scum

which is just another reason why screenplay should have been lynched yesterday.