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We should be able to do x.
The forum should have y.
I can’t do z.
i would be better if it was like j.

Propose new features or suggest improvements and changes to existing features here.


incentives for modding

what about the sense of Pride and Accomplishment that comes from a job well done?

a number that goes up would pride and accomplishem nt

Clearer synopsis of game and host in sign up thread.

Just by looking at the games in signup (without clicking on them) I think we should be able to see the GM’s name, day night length (72/48) and if the game is plurality or majority lynch.
This could become more important and useful as the board grows and more games are in signup stage.

Also some of the terms used for styles of game are terms I don’t understand so adding explainations of the terms to the mafia terminology thread would be a good idea.

Mmm yeah we’ll use tags for those. We’re probably going to split categories for traditional forum mafia games and games we’re running in preparation for our web/mobile apps and we’ll clean all this up as part of that.

One of those things is already there though - the avatar on the far left is always the topic starter.

Better quality avatar thumbnails in post

Did some fixes. Refresh your page, is it sharper now?

Yeah the avatars are much sharper now. My gif is still a bit grainy but thats likely just because of size of it since when you click to expand it the original is good quality

the Avatars are not as clearly as indentifiable as people like to think and can be changed according to mood. Would Rather a Name Tag, Time Tag, Vote Tag.

You can see the name when you hover over the avatar. We’ll probably implement the other two in some form.

Okay thanks.
Hover, got it.

An In button that automatically creates a players list in OP for you


A silly way of at least seeing it visually without scrolling (still have to manually retype) until #automation might be either to use a poll, or to have everyone who /in’s like your post.

  • in
  • maybe in
  • this game sucks

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Not a bad workaround!

Post history should allow persons who made the original post (and admins too) to revert back to a previous version.

Staff can revert/hide revisions.

Don’t think it’s smart to give most people that ability. If you need something fixed (and I’m not immediately around on discord :stuck_out_tongue: ), flag the post with a note on what you need.

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Actually aren’t you be able to click on the edit symbol, click back to the desired revision, go to raw, copy and paste, and edit the post again?

Nope, tried it, it gives bad results.