SoDopeMafia12 - Scum Thread

Welcome to the Scum Thread.

You all have a factional kill available each night and you can choose who attempts it. You may not use any active actions and attempt the factional kill in the same night. You may talk here during all phases. These rules will also be posted for the town players in thread.

You may copy and paste your role pms if you so choose to post them for each other.

You may begin conversing beginning now during N0.

15 players, 3 scum, with at least 1 of us not having a real ability

The play is to drop off a box in public every day starting with the blue one XD. I’ll privately give one of you the roleblock

Role: Creepy Girl

Alignment: Mafia


On Odd numbered Night Phases you may choose someone to give a doll to. The doll can be passed around on subsequent night phases.

You will gain a gold star victory everytime someone is killed while holding the doll at night. Your alignment still indicates your overall win condition. You can theoretically lose and still gain a gold star victory.

tldr i auto gold star victory n1 omegalul

question is if it’s funniest if we give the spanish pr to andres or gtacc.

andrés speaks spanish so he won’t quite feel the pain.

does Gtacc?

I think its funnier to hoist whoever the greedy bastard is that picks it up by their own petard

this is lolz

i meant that it be funnier because andres is fluent

I thought i autowon the game as scum okay

at least you get a gold star

i might even get more than 1!

I never got stars as a kid, too poorly behaved.

Ill edit it somehow so this isnt the official version yet, but ima need him to upload it as a badge to his profile if he does win.


lol we’re fucked

nah we just have to win the old fashioned way

but yeah fuck me for not picking rogue

3 scum in 15 is haaaard.

hm medium actually works well for us