SoDopeMafia12 Graveyard/Mod Thread

This game is going to be a total clusterfuck.

Mafia Team picked really sub optimal roles unfortunately. Art of the rand.

Lots of important power roles skipped though for town so hopefully that maybe balances it.

Icons thread

Scum Thread

when the scum team has two members with votes on d1


im really tilted that Andres hasnt even acknowledged in any way that he recieved a box lmfao

this eod has me rolling. Scum knows they are caught and they are just attempting a power wagon lynch

Town godfather lynched day one is instant meme

Chesskid currently has three different protective roles on him tonight


fwiw tier you were killed because you had p much towncleared yourself

What how?

Also. Who’s the scum?

Elli better die. And I’m policy lynching him d1 every chance I get. Hes the new ds.

Literally gonna tunnel him every game

Is ck and elli scum?



Elli, M2H, Action Dan and Gtacc is a 3p survivor 1 shot cop

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Note to self: Add the Magical Hats fake claim role Elli is talking about and make it an actual role moving forward

Damn feel good to call elli out correctly.

yeah i mean town p much has this wrapped up i think