SoDope Mafia 13 - AGORAPHOBIA

The year is 2020. Viruses run rampant… At night, everyone is quarantined into confined living spaces. Some people are going stir crazy, others are scared to come out in the morning, fearing the revelations that come after the screams in the night.


House dynamic:

At night you will be given a choice of houses to enter. Once everyone has selected a house, you will be given a list of people in that house to potentially use your action on. Unless otherwise stated in your role, you are limited to acting on the players in your house. There are circumstances in which the house dynamic may be eliminated.

Other than that, you all know the deal. Plurality at deadline or majority lynch. Ties at deadline will result in a one hour sudden death which if still unresolved will result in no lynch.

With 15 alive, it takes 8 to lynch. GAME ON!

Not Voting (15): M2H, DoggoPlays, Seththeking, Urist, JakeTheWolfie, Ellibereth, GoalkeeperBoss, chesskid3, Srceenplay, StarV, clonedcheese, Duskfall98, GTacc, Nanook, Andresvmb


my name is M2H

VOTE: SeththeKing

I didn’t read the op sorry ds

My name is Seththeking


you think you could do that fren

no your name is Seth you idoit

So your parents named you M2H?
They were like “let’s call our Son, M2H!?

its at least as good a name than seth ngl

VOTE: Seththeking

Well this game is off to strong start

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but “theking” in seththeking is clearly a title, not a name.


There’s an op?

You’re not wrong tbh

I want to vote you.

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Seth as a name is the chad of the south

@DS set the deadline timer if you could? (or let me know how long the dl’s are and I’ll set it)