SoDope Mafia 11 - Signups (16/16)

That’s 6pm my time, which is right in the middle of work for me, so while the thread would lock y’all wouldn’t get flips immediately

I’m fine with that however because 2pm is right when I’m starting work so that’s hard also

Okay, what time do you end work?

Are people fine with 11 PM / 12 MN EST?

That’s like 8pm for me which would be fine.

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If no one cares we will adjust

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Works for me

I am most definitely not fine with that because its like 4 am but uhhh

If y’all really need that then uhh

Any time in between DS is working tho :frowning:

I mean that’s not a real issue, I was just trying to see if there was a time that worked better for everyone

I’m not picky. Any reasonable time in the Central time zone is cool with me. I wake up around 6am go to bed around 10:30pm, so any time in between.

Okay so just gonna keep it at 2pm then for now

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May need a replacement if anyone is interested



We need one of those “n days without injuries” posters except “n days without replacements”.


Eh, I forgot about that policy.

its fine, rough transition for people from other places probably. I super super super don’t want replacements to be an okay normal thing though.