SoDope Mafia 11 - Signups (16/16)

Desired Playercount: 15 - 20 (Will not start without at least 15)
Deadlines: 48 hour days
Closed Setup
Role Heavy - No Multiroles
Non-Bastard Game

Willing to host the 11th installation of my mafia game series here if we can get enough people for it. Here are the links to some of the more recent games for reference. Its a role heavy game which will not be solvable just by claiming as you could basically expect any and every role to be in this game (and also some youve never seen before). With that said, I don’t do multi-roles, so it will be definable roles for the most part.


(Cant remember where I hosted SDM8 lmfao)

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Whats the largest game so far on this site?

Lets beat that. I’ll bring some folks in

in. ds is scum. game over we won

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also im defending champion of sodope so pls dethrone me.


We’re working on making the vc stuff not break (or lag like hell) when topics get big - will get to you on how to do when done.

@Ellibereth rather longer or shorter? Shorter days usually ups activity

Partially because set of people who can’t be as active much less likely to join yeah?

Just leave it as and we’ll see how it goes - I’ll hit up some ppl that might only like faster games too. How long will this thing last max.

I mean im not changing the length, was just wondering which way you preferred so I could note why you didnt in


Posts generated per day more important than deadlines for me - don’t have time to read and shit past a certain amount. So (15, 48) way too much for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

So you arent joining because of the amount of players and less so the phases

Mmm moreso yeah.

Benefit of longer phases is just more likely to have a window in the phase period where I have time to read everything.

But yeah, if I just had to read like 20, 30 posts a day 48 hours would be fine.

Also I think people find it to be undesirable behavior if someone just comes and makes a couple posts every 24 hours and doesn’t stay around for live convos lol.

youre like one post away from me autoing you in :3

4 hour days pls


i may or may not swoop in at 14