You’re all scum!

Send me your Sign selections. You may discuss here 24/7, including during the selection process.

You have a discord here you can use:

You win at parity.

What are my choices?

Twins, Lion, scorpion, Centaur, Goat, Fish

They’re all marked as scum or either in the OP

Ur scum

So who wants to be a fucken fish

@Nanook If no one is the lion, are kills determined randomly?

What if we all pick lion

I will be sad.

Wait so yeah what happens if we double pick

You are allowed to double pick. If multiple lions are chosen, I’ll rng who the ALPHA LION is.

If nobody picks Lion then you determine kills normally. It’s an option to override, not the only way to make kills.

So bois, what’s our game plan exactly?

I think this game I’ll React Test deathtunnel someone D1 until I get a “townie” response from them, then reveal the test and townread them for the next day.

Nanook, does this mean that I can’t point out that if X was really what they claimed, they would know their rolecard says Y?

I kinda want to be the goat.

Is goat a one shot?

Goat centaur and twins ftw

Nah, we have 2 goats and 1 centaur.

Centaur targets someone.
One goat also targets them (Or both, if abilities can be saved)
One goat uses centaur, while the other goat copies (If abilities can’t be saved)
One goat uses centaur, the other waits.
Next night, two goats target the same person.

The roles are literally in the OP

Abilities cannot be saved by the Goat–if you target someone N1 and get the Centaur ability, you can use it N2 or you lose it. You cannot save it for N3.

Can a goat gain an ability from another goat?