Signs Mafia part II

There are 12 roles in this game, 4 are scum only, 3 may be chosen by either alignment, and 5 are town only. Every player will choose a role pregame–there’s no limit to how many of each role can be in the game (for example, town can all choose Crab, scum can all choose Lion, etc.). Scum have 24/7 communication, including pre-selection. There are 7 town and 2 scum at the start of the game, and there are no factions besides town and scum.

Standard Nanook rules: Days are the standard 72 hours, plurality at EOD and hammer ends day early. Scum decide ties. No replacements once the game begins, just modkills. If a player has not been modkilled, assume they are responding to prods to my satisfaction. Modkills for inactivity are alignment-blind.

Sign of the Ram

Stubbornness: you’re so stubborn, that any attempts to kill you may not work! You have a 50% chance to survive any fatal night actions that would otherwise kill you.

Sign of the Bull

Loving spirit: before the game, you pick another player to be lovers with. This means you’ll have full private communication at all times with your lover, BUT if your partner dies then you will as well. You have a 1/3 chance to survive NKs.

Sign of the Twins (scum)

Two-faced: you’re scum, but due to your dual personality you can choose to show up as town to any roles that show alignment. You can only use this ability every other night.

Sign of the Crab

Intuitive: you’re very intuitive…some would even say psychic. As such, you have a 1/4 chance of divining the alignment of any player in the game at night. You do not control your intuitions, unfortunately, so any target is determined randomly.

Sign of the Goddess (scum)

Deceptively Friendly: before the game, you pick another player to be lovers with. This means you’ll have full private communication at all times with your lover, BUT if you or your lover die, you will both die.

Sign of the Lion (scum)

Strong Bite: You can strongman kill the Ram, Bull, Centaur, and Goat signs. Because of your majesty and awesomeness and sense of pride, you cannot be protected on nights that you carry the kill.

Sign of the Scales

Blind Justice: once per game, you may choose to shoot someone at night. If that person is mafia, they will die. If they are town, you will both die (if they are protected, they will survive but you will still die).

Sign of the Scorpion (either)

Stinger: Twice per game, you can choose to Sting another player in the game. Depending on their sign, this will either: have no effect (Twins, Crab, Lion, Scales); render them unable to use their ability the following cycle—i.e., Sting on N1, ability cannot be used D2/N2 (Water-Bearer, Fish, Goat, Ram); or will remove your Sting ability—if this happens on your second use, instead you will die (Centaur, Bull, Goddess). You CAN Sting twice on the same night.

Sign of the Centaur (either)

Unstable Temperament: Centaurs are notoriously unstable, but they’re also very charismatic! Once per game you can target another player, and their ability will be force activated with a random target (since you’re both too busy drinking and partying to aim properly).

Sign of the Goat (either)

Strong Stomach: you have a legendarily strong stomach. As such, each night you can attempt to eat another player’s lunch. If they are targeted with any abilities that night, you will receive that ability the following cycle (i.e, if they are targeted by the Centaur at the same time as you, you will receive the Centaur’s ability the following night).

Sign of the Water-Bearer

Healing Touch: twice per game, you can visit another player. This will protect them from any ill effects as a result of the Centaur, Scorpion, Crab, Goat, and Bull roles. It will also protect them from a NK performed by anyone except a Twin or a Lion.

Sign of the Fish (scum)

Loner: as a loner, you like to be left alone. If nobody votes for you during the day, you cannot be killed the following night. If one person votes for you, the following night you can choose one player to protect from lethal night actions. If you receive more than one vote, you have no night abilities.

Friendly game rules: Friendly Game Tag
Site rules on excessive AtE: On excessive AtE

D1 will end by 2020-04-22T21:00:00Z or at hammer.


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Hey all.



I picked sign of the dog

looking for anime recommendations w/o sexist fanservice, tired of having my watch lists destroyed an episode into each series


You picked what sign?


Sign of the dog. My power is if I howl, I have a 33% chance of ending the day with a double vote.

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@Andresvmb @chesskid3 do you two want a story as well?

Probably depends what genre you like, but iirc sometimes you can skip one episode and chop out a whole lot of fanservice. I haven’t watched enough anime recently to be able to give any good recommendations though. Just boruto

How is that what you got from that

You both voted me after

so I assumed you also wanted stories just not from sunbell

Key is definitely showing her scum side.
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