Shakespeare Mafia: Game OVER!

Shakespeare Mafia

Host: fferyllt

We have gathered here in the historic Globe Theater to celebrate Shakespearean humor. Well, that’s why most of us are here. Unfortunately, tragedians can sure spoil a a perfectly good Midsummer Night’s Dream.

parsec TheGoldenParadox
Momrangal brassherald
KatyushaGB Riley Cake
pyx Cheeky
Metal Sonic
Mantis Goedel



Shuffled off this mortal coil

sheepsaysmeep, Town Vanilla, died on Night 1
parsec, Mafia Strongman, was lynched Day 2
Momrangal, Town Vanilla, was lynched on Day 3
Metal Sonic, Town 1-Shot Bulletproof, died on Night 3

Day 1 Start:
Day 2 Start
Day 3 Start
Day 4 Start

Game Days will last 5 calendar days. Game nights will last 48 hours.

General Rules:

1. WE ARE ALLOWING PLAYERS TO EDIT THEIR OWN POSTS TO FIX ANY FORMATTING ERRORS (broken tags, broken quotes). This DOES NOT extend to typos. Please try to make any potential edits promptly after your original post (e.g. don’t go back an edit a post a day after you make it).
Please do not abuse this - edit history is public to everyone. If you’re caught abusing edits bad things will happen.

2. Let me and the other players know if you’re busy and won’t have time to post for a couple of days. If you are absent for more than 24 hours without notice, you will be prodded, and will have 24 hours in which to make a post.

3. Don’t directly quote from, screenshot, or talk about concrete stuff (e.g. timestamps) from private communications. Paraphrasing is ok

4. If you’re not sure about anything ask me about it!

5. Have fun!

You know that at least one player will receive this role PM

Town Vanilla


You are a Town Vanilla

Your abilities:

  • You have no abilities beyond your voice and your vote.

You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated.

The game thread is here: Shakespeare Mafia: Setup

Please confirm by replying to this PM with your alignment.

Role PMs are going out now have gone out. I’ll update this post with progress toward Day 1 Start.

Role PMs are out.

Once 8 of 9 players have confirmed, Day 1 will begin.

8 of 9 players have confirmed

Day 1 will start momentarily!

VC 1-1

Day 1 Begins!

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Not Voting: 9 (TheGoldenParadox, brassherald, Riley Cake, Cheeky Neymar, Metal Sonic, sheepsaysmeep, Goedel, catspurr

Deadline: May 31, 2018 5:00 PM


Vote: TheGoldenParadox no reason needed

Who is this guy^

Cheeky Neymar should be our new hydra name @Cheeky


I’ll be here much later

Vote: sheepsaysmeep
I’ll have to say, you were missed.

I am me, why do you ask?

oh hi

to be or not to be, that is the question

It’s not Shakespeare but Cogito ergo sum seems an appropriate answer

VOTE: tgp

VOTE: Cheeky

Hi All, not much happening yet?

is this sheep or amrock?