Second Great Nanook Semi-Invitational

After the unqualified success of the first Nanook Semi-Invitational, it’s time to run another one! Signups are open now, but the game will likely not start for 2-3 weeks, possibly a month. The setup is mostly closed, but I promise it’s a good one. Certain details about the setup will be revealed closer to the start of the game.

Setup will likely be capped at 16 or 17 players, but mechanics have been built in to keep the game manageable (for example, multiple executions per day will be possible). If I have significantly more interest, I’ll run a second setup (an unconnected one, no boats this time!).

Days will be no about 72 hours, nights 24ish hours (or sooner if all actions are sent in early).

There are two surveys to fill out:

Do I need to be invited to /in?

Nope, anyone can in! If I get overflow I’ll find a way to accommodate everyone.

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One might say, it’s the exact opposite of an invitational

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We’re hoping to sync the start date of this with when we release a bunch of new things :pray:

Excited for this! First game here in a long time, since I remember me being here 2 years ago? I dunno.

What was your name

I was AKFD i think here back then

It was on 1 game tho which I was inactive due to school

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I’ll play

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What the hell is a TK

Click the in button top of thread

It means “town kill”

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Emphasis on semi :stuck_out_tongue:

Hit the blue /in button in the OP!

pls not multiple games


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I wish my family owned a fancy yacht