SDMXI - Graveyard/Mod Commentary

Just going to make this as a dead thread / place to post my thoughts about the gameplay so far

As a first note:

I would roast Elli for saying that they should just pick three people and it doesn’t matter if they are scum.

Scum should push that, Town should question it. Either way I’m surprised no one commented on it.

This is a great game even on Day 1 lol.

This is going to be hilarious if CK gets lynched to take his shot and then shoots MS who the bullet will ping off of.

God I really hope scum doesn’t attempt to convert Elli because this will be a fucking PITA to resolve

ugh should have shot star


I just dont know if the meta of bulletproof godfathers is strong enough around here to have that picked up on. Mittens/Sock/Johnny should be able to call that out

bullet proof is bs

MS ragequitting because Star doesnt realize hes fucked and dives on the 2 for 1 grenade is funny

but the town being dumb enough to see it…not so much

Meta from where I play is that godfathers are always 1) at least 1time bp and 2) scan as pro-town to cops

I could see people from here not picking that up. Will be interesting to see how MS plays it

I mean he is clearly lying and if he isnt lynched immediately tomorrow like…uhhhhh

I think hes gonna try and claim BP as his original role

I mean ok but like, no

If town buys that I will give MS serious props for that convoluted mason claim lmfao

if town buys that you will buy them all complimentary head examinations?

Ima need to buy at least Josh a fucking tarot card reading because this dude is scary at picking up on scum before they even post what the fuck type of Ms. Cleo ass psychic ass mothafucka did yall allow to sign up for this site

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does screenplay actually have a gun

because I think he’s just shooting star if so yeah?

lol the fear in the back of my mind during d1 was o god what if theyre somehow town (which i was fine with)

and josh is scum (instawin)

if srceenplay ever actually real claims d1 i will die just to roll over in my grave

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