Scumhunters Speed Dead Topic

Welcome to the dead thread!


Also, thanks for running this! I think this setup is pretty cool, and very demanding of town. Kinda sad I got killed D1, I was looking forward to playing lol.

I was surprised the lynch happened so quickly. Quicklynches are a thing at M451, and I need to adjust!

Do you want to make a guess before I post a spoiler?

Hmm…DS/Cats/Andres, final answer.

With the caveat that I think VUN was the correct D1 lynch.

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Also, yeah, quicklynches are an adjustment for sure. Where I come from there isn’t even a mechanic for quick lynching, it’s pure plurality (the way I’ve run my games here, basically), so it’s a lot different. I generally think it’s anti-town, but I didn’t hate the possibility of one on DS.

Click for Spoilers

the scum team is metal sonic, erika furudo, RedFlavor

Dang, I was so far off haha

Sort of on to gtacc at the end, but I don’t think I get credit for that lol

Thanks for not wolfreadi g me despite the hammer :]

Would I :smirk:

Welcome, DS!

ugh im so tilted.


At least I had MS right. Gtacc I was weary of on day 1 and partially on day 2 but not enough I guess to question them.

My badd Nanook!


You and MS both had me as lock scum in your worldviews - I identified it correctly I just picked the wrong person to lynch

Totally knew that was TMI spew

so obvious.


Gtacc playing very well tho