Role PM: The Freudian Funksters (Completely Unoriginal Mafia)

Freudian Funkster

Congratulations, Adamas, chesskid3, Srceenplay, you are the Freudian Funksters (Neighborhood), but not all is as it seems.

Win Conditions:

  • You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.


  • Vote
  • Debate: You may speak with other Freudian Funksters during Night Phase.
  • Psycho-Analyze: If the majority of the Freudian Funksters focus on the same target, they will learn the type of action the person’s neighborhood is capable of. Requires majority vote. (2/3, 2/2, 1/1)
  • Dowsing: Upon reaching a majority for the Psycho-Analyze, you may detect the target’s alignment in addition to the results from Psycho-Analyze. Requires a majority for both Psycho-Analyze and Dowsing on the same night. This skill can only be used once due to the power required, and additionally renders Psycho-Analyze unusable the night after Dowsing is used.

This is your neighborhood thread as well. It is to be used during night phases. Once you’re dead you can’t post here, etc etc.

This is my role pm and neighborhood thread?
So does it confirm everyone in here to be town?

The way I understand it:

All 3 of us got this pm. Should there be mafia among us they’d have received a second pm.

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I think theres gonna be 3 of these based on mod comment that GIF stole his gimmick?

so 2 with 2 town 1 scum and 1 with 3 town?


A mistake was made. Your role power and flavor will be changed. Will post details postgame.

aw man we got nerfed

psycho analyze the hydra

Use that to figure out both of the other groups and save the cop until after, if needed.

No abilities n0

Try again

Psycho-Analyze The Hydra

As good a target as everyone else.

Ok, so there is a majority to psycho-analyze morph.

Yeah im good with that they defintely arent getting NKed

Even though this is not a traditional vote, I am going to interpret it as one, unless you specify otherwise in a reply. Therefore, currently you are unanimously Psycho-Analyzing morph. You have the option to Dowse as well, as you meet the majority requirements and have not used it yet.

I’m not comfortable using dowse right now.