Ranked, At least 8



tldr for how new reads list will work:

You submit:

Town: A, B, C
Mafia: D, E, F
Not sure: G, H, I

You can put any amount of people in any of the slots, all living players must be included, each name appearing once.

Lists within categories are unordered.

Pretty sure data from this will be more useful/more intuitive/easier to mess around with than what we were doing before.



so wait what is this

Ranked Forum Mafia.

@row666 @Player_Unknown

Yes, hello!


what happens if you submit a POE of four in your mafia bucket when there’s only two mafia, but you get both maf in the four?


I’d love to play a game with you TBH.

I’m thinking I’m gonna like this, being a new guy definitely helps, nobody expects you to know how to play lol.

Then /In the game using the blue button at the top.

Not Scum - (List them)
Then just say the rest are free lynches and lynching the rest will get you the final scum.

I’m not sure what you mean. In ranked games, town players submit readslists during the night in order to calculate their read accuracy. I want to know what happens if you’re accurate within a larger pool for your mafia reads.


9 /ins…sounds like a party to me

The format for submitting readslists has changed to what Elli described here:

I dont wanna lost my perfect ranked score