Ranked 2v7

@Urist and @GTacc get first two spots if desired.
Will edit info in soon.

Sorry i can’t play lol

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You still get the first two spots.

Can I find my rating and that of the other players anywhere? It may or may not have an effect on how I play.


I actually finally worked out a system for this so will update all that before this starts.

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My alarms are ready to be set

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Some scaling needs to be done/potential constant changes but this should give y’all a sense

Player Rating
Nanook 1864
M2H 1809
GoalkeeperBoss 1630
Andresvmb 1603
Seththeking 1591
chesskid3 1549
clonedcheese 1534
Urist 1527
GTacc 1484
Jakethewolfie 1459
DS 1383
Josh 1373
StarV 1372
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Time to retire on top :thinking:

so lynch nanook d1 right

As long as I vote right I’m unlikely to lose ELO according to elli

If Mafia wins:

Mafia get + rating
At most top two town get + rating (small amount), everyone else breaks even or loses

If Town wins:

Top 4 town are guaranteed to get + rating
Remaining two town will lose/gain a small amount (based on distance of their rating to the average game rating).
Mafia will lose an amount scaled based on what day they lost the game.

No these rankings make no sense


Fuck it.

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you had +77, -131, +103

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I know man, I also had to scroll down an unreasonable amount to find my name.

Assuming you’re town. But 22% of the time you get screwed. I’ll take those odds!

When tf did I have-131

your scum loss

My scum loss!??? What loss

Again, when did he get -131.