Questions from us to you.

This topic is for questions from our site staff to you.

Feel free to post in response to anything in this topic.

I’ll be on vacation for most of November. (I’ll still check in almost daily)

Stuff that will be done before I leave:

  • Mobile ISO

  • Reorganizing informational portions of the site (Emphasis on making the site more welcoming for new people)

  • Replacement/flake tracking system. This WILL rely on hosts submitting people who replaced or flaked out of their game to our team. Going to test out some flairs for people in very good or bad standing.

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When will more members be joining?

I’ll only be focusing on growth and developing the new-form of mafia for busy people after I get back in December. We will have someone working on coding up quality of mafia life Discourse changes still.

Until then, if you want more people you’ll have to invite them. Hopefully Mobile ISO + our coming reorganization makes it easier for new people to integrate.

Are you planning to do an event thing (something like MU hydra event or MS Team mafia or maybe even Mu championship) after this forum gets crowded?

Yeah - not sure how it’d work though. I think there are pretty fundamental issues with how most “big” text mafia events are structured atm. I see step 1 as finding the rules/setup/form that mafia has to take to be more popular as just a game on it’s own. Once we figure that out how to run a larger competition should be relatively straightfoward. :slight_smile:

Does the ordering of the categories make sense?
The organization of the headers?
What do you think should be easier to find?

I think mobile topic organization is a mess, the computer’s organization (Signups, mafia games, off topic etc.) Is good

Also what are you planning for the growth of the community?

What specifically about mobile topic organization? It defaults to “latest” which I think is more useful when you’re on your phone + you can also switch to category or top views. (Purely because of space limitations, it can’t be like desktop where the categories are on the left and the latest is on the right, has to be one or the other at at time.)

Bearing our mind our target audience will be 1) people who don’t play mafia and 2) people who used to play mafia - online advertising (still evaluating which demographics and sites to advertise through), a strong youtube/twitch presence, applying to get featured in app store + press, mass emailing to various email lists/universities, etc.

Yeah actually it makes sense to show latest, I thought it was random and i just found out how to find the categories list.
You mentioned about youtube/twitch presence, are you going to make video mafias from the forum? Also will there be an app of this forum?

Not sure what you mean by make video mafias - we’ll be producing video content and be working with video mafia leagues and communities. I strongly believe in a few years a lot of exposure to mafia will be through some form of streamed video games.

There will be an app - not sure if it’ll be “of the forum” per say. For the first version of the app they’ll very likely be disjoint - so the app will be a stand alone game and the forum will function as a discussion place. A not-so-good analogy would be the candy crush game on your phone + a website/forum about candy crush. (It’s not so good because in our case the game would also likely live as a web app). This is just for initial ease of production.

We’ll definitely work to try and integrate it in some form though once we find out what format works. The website won’t have all the features the app does, the app won’t have all the features the website does - but they’ll be interconnected. A slightly better analogy than before is how or have their websites along with their mobile apps.

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A better way to think about it might be as something like “words with friends”.
You can play it through your phone, or through your browser.

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Can you reply in this topic if you actually intend on reading it when it gets bumped up?
Basically anyone who is reading this now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Deciding whether to split general news/announcements with questions.


I read all the topics!

BTW I am also going to be quite busy in Nov (busy is already happening now).

I’ll be around to help hosts and players with anything they need, but won’t be able to play mafia games until late-late-late Nov (prob Dec 1).

I agree with ffery, all of the topics get read

ISO is now available on the far left of the post menu. This works on desktop and mobile.

In December we’ll fix it up so that it stays on the same post that you click the iso/undo iso symbols on vs. jumping to the top of the topic.

There may still be some bugs - let us know.

@Key did the vast majority of the work - thank you!

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Thanks key!


And Elli

Hey everyone,

I’ll be away for the next few weeks (including some periods with straight up no internet). If you need anything ping @staff and @fferyllt in particular should be around both here and on Discord. I’ll be around here and there, but just without my usual response speed.

For December the primary forum tech stuff we’ll be working on will be:

  • Maintaining position when turning ISO filter on and off.
  • Having the first post portraits of all the posters act as ISO on mobile.
  • Button in the topic summary that displays a poster’s last post time and last vote.
  • Raw and cooked character counters
  • Countdown timer preset and display improvements.

I was supposed to finish the new banner/category organization before I left but I ended up procrastinating…I’ll see if I can finish that up either in the airport lobby or on the flight. Also there may be some chance I end up recording the intro/site videos one night while I’m away anyway, we’ll see.

Last but not least - starting next month our primary focus will shift to growing our userbase, so that’s something to look forward to (new logo and graphics!). I’ll probably get something up on what we’re doing and how you guys can help when I get back. :slight_smile:

Also, good luck to @Srceenplay, @Nanook, @LadyLambdadelta, and @DS for the remainder of Liar’s Club!

I somehow might still be in the running given the top/bottom chart they released yesterday but not sure on how that’ll pan out given my wifi situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

As a small teaser, I have been inspired to potentially try to work on our take of a video mafia event, but that’s still in the super early stages of planning.

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