Post Interesting Setups Here

Post Interesting Setups Here.

I should get @Mittens to run his Mount Olympus mafia here

Literally just a shit to on cops, kills, docs and busses with random role modifiers tacked on. Everyone is so excited they got a cool role and then on d2 or d3 they all hate the game and are pissed cause their cool role is meaningless

We need a fifth

everyone is scum but the mod doesn’t tell you that

Better yet, everyone is town and the mod doesn’t tell you

0 player mafia

Survivor mafia where it’s literally survivor but there’s also a mafia

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Dibs on Michael corleone


in particular if anyone offsite wants any setups run they can share here directly/through you - if enough people want to play them they’ll get run. Creator doesn’t have to host if they don’t want to.

sweeeet I’ll find some shiny opens to post here!


Mod creates a different role for personality of each player

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i’ve heard people talk about this concept a lot but it seems so complicated

Done this one, can confirm it’s fun for the GM.

Bitches stealing my ideas


Ah yes I definitely did lol