Popcorn but everyone has guns including scum

Normal popcorn rules for town: scoot scum scum dies
Shoot town, shooter dies.

Rules apply for scum: shoot scum, scum who was shot dies.
Shoot town both die.

Nightless. Scum get to talk

Total game has a 120 hour time limit after which scum win.

Not sure what #s are balanced welcome feedback in this area.

I don’t know what numbers make it balanced but I’m in.

Off the cuff, N-2? I’d have to game that out, but it sounds close, sense scum can shoot.

Although, scum would have to start with the gun to get it, no? So…maybe a wider disparity lol


What happens if scum shoot wrong person

I’m literally illiterate don’t mind me

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Everyone has a gun Nanook

Use the button

This is fun because ye olde confirmed town can be gunned down at any moment

Wait, so you just shoot whenever you want?

Everyone does, I mean?

Sounds like a glorious clusterfuck.

In that case, N-2 or N-3 is proooooobably solid.

Yeah everyone can. Scum are bombs townies are skill based basically

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I dig it.

I’ll play

Use the button

lol ok

Numbers have to be more than N/3 and less than N/2 I think