Police Precinct


Mission Briefing

We’ve had several noise complaints surrounding some kind of cocktail party that’s going on in the city. We want you to shut it down.


You must assign roles amongst yourselves before the start of day 1. You may not select redacted roles, however, they are a part of your team.


Once per night, you may ID someone to discover their role. If you ID a minor with a drink, the barkeep is arrested and removed from the game.

You cannot order drinks.

The barkeep may not be targeted by a night kill action while the Officer is alive.

Dirty Cop

Once per night, you can charge someone who did not fight with assault. The charges will not stick, and the player will be released after 1 day. During that day, the target player is a treestump, they cannot vote and do not count towards parity.

If another player targets you for a fight, you will act as a PGO, immediately killing the other player.

Once per night, you may order a drink.



Once per night, you may neighborize a player. While in the neighborhood, and at any time, you may demand that their role PM be posted by clearly notifying the mod in the neighborhood thread.

Once per night, you may order a drink.

Undercover Cop



Factional KP
You have 2 KP as long as 4 Police are alive

If there is a fight, factional KP can only be used against someone involved in the fight

If there are multiple fights, police get KP equal to the amount of fights, in this case, KP must be distributed one per fight

If 2 KP are used against a single target, that target will die regardless of any protective roles that may have been used to save them.

Fake Claim Options

Power Roles

Assistant Manager
Drug Dealer


Alcoholic Patron
Vanilla Patron
Minor Patron
Attractive Patron
Angry Patron
Suicidal Patron

Some of the above roles may be in the game

Night actions

Night 1
Kill one of
Andres or Urist
Kill one of
Nanook or ActionDan
ID Dusk

Oh fancy

Hi Squirrel

Why am I not surprised you’re here

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@StarV does the neighborhood grow or is it a one-person-per-night-then-they’re-gone kinda thing

That’s kinda messed up :frowning:

You’re actually kidding

Will actually try this game, hopefully won’t die D1 but we’ll see

Single person

so we have a lost wolf


so a two person fight with pgo. pgo kills and we can decline the FK?

Orange, you ok with passing out roles?



Correct. Note that role only acts as PGO for fights, it’s like the fight never happened.

I’m not qualified, Squirel is going to die D1 so that leaves you to carry. How do we best set that up?

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I think I could be officer

If I die then yall can at least kill the barkeep (plus I’m mediocre at fakeclaims so neighborizer seems sketch)

I’m not sure how fights work though, so who knows

I don’t think anyone knows how fights work lol

Squirrel Officer seems fine

@Srceenplay do you think people are more likely to fight you or me

Because I’m kinda leaning the psychic over the pgo

probably me for the mems