Pirate Ship Mafia

I don’t know what you mean by that. For everyone else if I click their name it brings up a popup that has a button in it showing “# posts in topic” which I can click to ISO them. DKDK doesn’t have that button in their popup.

Are you talking about the iso button on people’s posts? If you click the little group of people on someone’s post it automatically isos them

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Oh true it doesn’t actually work for me either, they only have 1 post which was a meme with no words though

Star why the TK boner tho? Forcing key to show up here is correct

Because it’ll make shiz happen

This is entirely too often when I join video mafia

Not sure I’ve ever joined sober and stayed sober

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which I think says you’re all boring AF

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I did not know chess and UFO played video mafia

Could also mean you’re an alcoholic


Kim is town

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Can we try to kill Fatmo again? That was fun last time




did you read starv’s flip in the last game? his role was called mall captain.

Charles Captain

does your role pm actually tell you wut the captain does?


would you like to share it with the class?

I thought school was out?