NSIMI Dead Thread

Welcome to the dead thread! Congrats, you won your game! You’re all town–scum aren’t in this chat because they still have access to scum chat and nobody can get moved from game to game, so it’s best not to potentially taint strategy imo.

so UFO is confirmed scum


Literally just said this in my neighbor chat LOL

Is game B 8/3 or 9/2 now


rest of scum probably here yeah?
gg yo

I was starting to think UFO might be scum overnight

Had a few doubts during the day but wanted to figure that out this game day

Urist is my top non UFO for scum after those flips

Think Jimmy is town tho

I had done an interactive analysis M2H overnight that had virtually cleared Elli in my eyes. But he was gonna be dead anyway, so

But I also suggested in the analysis that UFO and M2H were unlikely to be scum partners because they made absolutely no effort to push any counterwagons until UFO at the very end, and he was just following kim’s lead.

And yeah I guess Hannah if theres 3 scum left

Outside shot of Dan but he was being a good boy I dont want him to be scum

Guess elli and I are formidable enough they sacked a game to get rid of us guaranteed LOL

There’s 3 group scum and one lone wolf left.

lone wolf

do they know their team?

Nope! Team doesn’t know them, they don’t know team. They do get a partner check every night

Was seth actually VT with all that softing?

Or did he horribly misuse a role and is responsible for town deaths

Seth flipped VT, and was in fact VT