Not Talking Mafia - Game Thread (Night 1)

Welcome to no talking mafia, rules are self explanatory. If you speak I will post your role pm and make you an innocent child swiftly before removing you from the game. Deadline will be:

So just over two days, after that phases will be 48/24

Hammer is in effect, as six players are alive D1 it takes 4 to hammer

Role PMs going out now

If there are mafia in the game, which there may or may not be, and if there are multiple, which there may or may not be, they would not be able to potentially talk because there is only one definite in this game and that is SILENCE!


Ok game starts go solve good luck

VOTE: Nanook

VOTE: Duskfall98

VOTE: Jake

Op updated

VOTE: JakeTheWolfie


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VOTE: Andresvmb

VOTE: Ellibereth

VOTE: SullyMcGully

VOTE: SullyMcGully

VOTE: Nanook

VOTE: Andresvmb

VOTE: Ellibereth

VOTE: SullyMcGully

VOTE: Sully

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That’s hammer!

Sully’s role pm:

[spoiler]Hello you are TOWN

You are the town one shot reviver, you may once in the game target a dead player, who will be revived at the start of the next day phase.

But remember, if at any time mafia reach parity, the game will end before a revive can occur.[/spoiler]

Well that was a bit unfortunate

N1 deadline: 2020-05-26T23:00:00Z2020-05-28T23:00:00Z

Applicable actions may be locked, if all necessary actions are locked night will be resolved earlier.

Sorry I fell asleep

@JakeTheWolfie dies and then scum win.

You kinda weren’t supposed to lynch the reviver D1 why did you do that guys wtf. I’ll post role PM’s next post