Not Talking Mafia - Game Thread (Night 1)

Nanook you are MAFIA

You are the mafia hitman, you carry the night kill. Why is there a designated role for this? Well I thought it would be a bit awkward trying to decide a factional kill when you can’t talk to your partner, gtacc. In the event of your death, your partner will receive your kill carrying capacity.

Gtacc you are MAFIA

You are the mafia rolecop. You may target one person at night and recieve their role pm. Your partner is Nanook, who carries the night kill. If he dies, you will receive this power. You may not speak to him as this is no talking mafia.

Elli you are TOWN

Your role is 2-shot colour cop. You may at night select a target player, you will receive a colour result for that player. The colour of a player will be consistent with all players of the same alignment.

Jake you are TOWN

You are the two-way rogue. You select two players at night, neither of these players may target each other with any action. You may not self target.

Andres you are TOWN

You are the town one-shot lynch redirector. You may, once per game select a target player during the day phase. The lynch will be redirected to target player, resulting in their death instead of whoever has the leading votes. This will also work for hammers.

How was town supposed to know sully was reviver

Bad RNG :woman_shrugging:

At least no vote mafia didn’t end this quick

One might day this game was a bit on the swingy side

VOTE: Ellibereth

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VOTE: jake

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Everyone: Why is thrir smoke coming out of your scumhunting machine, Elli?
Elli: Oh that isn’t smoke, it’s steam, steam from the steamed plays we’re having.

Steamed plays

Well this was a fail.

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