You’re Masons!

You know that player/players is/are Town-aligned, and may speak to him/her/it/them/etc. in this private topic at Night and at Day. You have no active abilities. This is normal.

In this case, the player/players in question are you two.

You can chat here 24/7, starting now



This cant have been random lmao

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Roles were assigned in a normal manner!

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This is gonna be such a shitfest of a mason chat. Really looking forward to it

The only other time I’ve rolled mason was on mafiascum. I softed it with a reference to freemasonry set up in a sesame street way. Prolly will do the same here

Normal manner lmao

Nose help me host meta this person lol



Clem is there a setup anywhere? Sorry Banana, I was streaming all day. I’m at the grocery store now. This is my first time playing a game hosted by him. I’ve played video mafia with him😋hes tough to read

The setup is in the game thread

Do insane cops know they are insane cop? Do they receive a cop rolecard or insane cop role card?

In the OP

Insane cop knows they’re insane, would be pretty weird for them to get a cop rolecard in a game without a cop, and this is a normal game not a weird one!

Then whats the point lol

It’s a normal point!


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Except for this one of course, which is normal

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I’m not paying enough attention to know who to vote atm

ehh its day 1
Idk what Elli is talking about misplace lol its barely been 24 hr…

Also I like that our role card says at Night but we have 24/7 time.

Clem, can there be another set of masons with a separate chat?

lmao if there are 2 sets of masons

Why would mafia make that claim this early day 1 I wonder

Idk what you’re talking about, your role card says at night and at day, and definitely wasn’t copy/pasted without noticing it only said at night!