Neighborizer Chat

Hey guys you can talk here for the remainder of the game, but dont directly quote your role pm here, or quote this chat directly in the main thread.

Hi! You seem to know what you’re doing and if anything being neighborized with someone smart seems to be a good idea!

Oh sweet hey :slight_smile: why didn’t you neighbourise someone else, like Dusk or Nanook?

So many silent observers in this chat :thinking:


The wind is blowing so loud today

Tommy is useless :thinking: For real I felt like Tommy or Nanook could die early tho which would make this useless.

And Nanook I considered but he gave off weird vibes so I wasn’t really sure of alignment and honestly the last thing I need is to easily be swayed by scum :sweat_smile:

That sounds like you’re sure of mine and that I’m not scum going to sway you :stuck_out_tongue: I definitely don’t mind having a neighbour though.

Re Nanook’s vibes, his shot and hammer both rub me the wrong way tbh but I might change my mind once we have a nk to work with

I genuinely don’t know if I’ve actually played with Dusk, but I read most games here so maybe I just feel like I have. Do you have opinions on any of the players you’re more familiar with?

Well, less known on your alignment but nothing super red flag for me like he had, I feel the exact same way wrt to his shot and eod discussion?

As for more familiar players, I only started playing mafia again recently-ish? Mid summer or so probably. I’ve played multiple with Nuxl and Dusk but not enough to have their metas down pat yet. I literally always townread ds regardless of his actual alignment, and I dunno if I’ve ever played a mafia game with Doggo/Heal to be honest.

However I know that most of the times i’ve played with Dusk, he’s been aggressive or pushy as only town. But yeah this is a different site and my mafia expertise isn’t very large lmao.

I figured if Dusk seemed like he’d survive longer I’d neighborize him too since it’s a 2-shot, but he could also die early

I guess that nk did change my mind on nanook lol.

The fact that scum shot him despite him already using his vig shot on town, instead of shooting one of the other claims or in the unclaimed pool, suggests he must have been some kind of threat

Lmao ikr? Kinda didn’t expect him to flip town.


I was going to mention that I saw Nanook mention Erika being a good shot, but I felt like it was too simple to be an actual correlation. I might try to finish reading day 1 (I think I need to read between posts 300-600 or something still). I want to think Dusk is town but I’m so unsure about his meta now.

Nanook mentioned Erika being in his options to shoot, but I don’t think Erika would get jumpy enough over that to make him a priority kill. Plus the players you’ll shoot are usually different from the players you’ll lynch. Doesn’t preclude them but I don’t think that will have driven the nk.

I don’t know what to think about Dusk. I do think there’s scum in Andres and Wisp.

Wait did Dusk back off on his scumread of me just because I called him town ughhh

If he’s town though I’m putting that trick away for if I’m scum against him in future

The logic about Erika makes sense, I feel like it’s too much of a stretch to think she’s scum for it. Honestly rn the playerlist in my mind is Me/You/Doggo/nuxl/Tommy/DS/Waterlily/Erika. I know I’m missing people tho but it’s mainly peopel who haven’t posted a ton?

Wrt Tommy, he totally did. I JUST played a turbo game w/ him where he was mafia and his panic was very obvious. However he did waffle on me for a bit. I really think this could be town!Tommy in which case he sucks but :woman_shrugging:

I’ll take your word on the town!Dusk thing. I don’t think he sucks either way.

Man if Elli recruited you/Dusk/Doggo/Nuxl or something that would be hilarious, but right now don’t think it’s super likely

I agree too, some of the players are a bit lower profile atm

Since the group includes you, what are your thoughts on Doggo trying so hard to appeal to the smogon players? Especially as you say you don’t know if you’ve even played together.

I’d pay money to see that group flop at mafia. It would actually be amazing. I know it’s wifomy but if I were mafia with Doggo I woudl be bonking him HARD for posting all the filler bs he’s posting cause it’s driving me up a goddamn wall.

I HAVE NO CLUE WHY HE WANTS TO APPEAL TO US LOL. Honestly, could be a scumtell. He’s more likely to be townread as scum by those people as smogon seems to be worse at scumreading? I also am almost confident I’ve never played w/ him. At least, not in the past year. I’ve only done ~3-4 games in the past year I think? One I was inactive town until like d3 and then got killed (after hard defending a scum!ds as town because i’m bad.), another I was scum w/ dusk and played the innocent card / newbie card way too hard. One popcorn mafia noc where I was scum w/ GTacc but I subbed into a dying spot and only lived for ~1 day with NO posts in the game lmao. I don’t remember any other games to be honest, and Doggo was in neither of those first 2?