Music of the Ainur Mafia 8p open setup

It has come to my attention that some of you want more open mafia games. You have been heard.

The following is the first of a string of open setup games with a middle-earth theme. If you want more games, please sign up.

Team 1:
Eru Ilúvatar

Team 2:

You are the Ainur, conceived by Eru Ilúvatar. In the beginning, there was nothing but a vast void. Ilúvatar has kindled you all with the Flame Imperishable so that you may create.

In this set up, Ilúvatar will pick a theme (Music Clip), Melkor will see Ilúvatar’s music, and submit their own theme (music clip). You, the other Ainur will be required to pick one of the two themes to sing. Once a theme has been selected, a PT will be created for the minority faction.

This allows for several scenarios:


Melkor Exits the game with a victory
One of the Melkor’s Ainur is a lone wolf
Manwë joins Ilúvatar to aid him


Manwë / Mairon will aid the majority faction
One of the minority is a lone wolf


Manwë / Mairon will aid the majority faction


Melkor/Ilúvatar whoever is in the majority exits the game with a victory,
The other may choose one of Manwë / Mairon’s abilities

Setup details

  • The game is flipless.
  • Manwë / Mairon / Melkor / Ilúvatar can be the lone wolf
  • The Majority faction leader (Melkor / Ilúvatar) may end the theme at any time after night 1, if they have double (or more) the amount of followers, the game ends in a victory, otherwise the game ends in a loss.
  • Parity is NOT a win condition
  • Ilúvatar and Melkor are Neighbors
  • Ilúvatar and Melkor may not kill each other during the day or at night unless the other is the only remaining player of the opposite faction in the game.
  • Three themes will be played, so if you don’t get to play Ilúvatar or Melkor on the first go, you might get a chance in themes 2 & 3

Manwë / Mairon

They may select one of the following abilities:

1-shot Doctor
1-shot Vigilante
1-shot Cop
1-shot Vengeful

I mean yeah it’s open but without a degree nobody is actually gonna understand this lmao

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Didn’t you go to Princeton?


I meant “a degree in this setup”

How frequently in mafia games do you actually NEED to understand the set up? Just read the room. Gosh


With all due respect I understood all of the closed setups you ran better than this


What’s not to get? You pick a song, then you’re either playing a 3v4, 3v5, 2v6, 1v6, 6v1, 6v2, 5v3, or 4v3. From there it’s an entirely normal game of mafia.

I think people are just confused by the quenyan names

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you know what we need
conlang mafia

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Then they need to read the Silmarillion.

Not that they won’t fall asleep about 3 chapters in.

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I don’t get the manwe joining as like wolf or w/e is this a 9th player who’s helping the majority faction I’m confused

Wait nvm I understand now I didn’t get it explained I’m a genius you’re all dumb

I will join this and all future lotr games

From my perspective, Manwe is the evil one

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That’s why they couldn’t ask his eagles to fly the ring to mordor right?

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I mean, I think given the lore it makes little to no sense that the eagles fought at the black gates - mostly because It seems like the Valar thought the children of Ilúvatar could handle Sauron on their own and mostly did so, only interfering a couple of times to save Gandalf who is one of the Maiar. So why then would they interfere in an already won battle unless specifically to save Gandalf or Aragorn?

The Hobbits were allowed to sail into the undying lands

They were there to save the hobbits

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Were the undying lands named as such because they granted immortality, or because they were inhabited by immortal beings?

The humans got shafted, no heaven for you!