MiscPick - Game Over!


Seems like you and Skygazer think alike.


Vote Count 1.1

Skygazer (1) - GTacc
GTacc (1) - Skygazer
Erika Furudo (1) - Metal Sonic
Metal Sonic (1) - Srceenplay

Not Voting (7) - impulse, Vizzy, Nanook, Riley Cake, Mantis, Erika Furudo, pyx

Deadline falls on September 5th, 00:00 UTC.

Mod Note: You do not know the number of non-town players in the game.

Mod slip.
MS is town
VOTE: unvote

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VOTE: erika


BOOP!!! why is this a mod slippsies?

VOTE: Erika Furudo for eating all my cupcakes!!!

LOL, Screenplay is Town.

MS asked if they know how many town.
Mod said “You”.
I would assume scum have a good idea butmod said ME doesn’t so MS must be town or maybe 3rd party.

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VOTE: riley cake


translation: I feel like they are asking the obvious to make them seem contributing

I also don’t like their bandwagon onto erika, who I voted just for fun (RVS)

VOTE: rileycake

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this exists

who’s scum

VOTE: mantis

I feel like mod meant town does not know but yeah the phrase is weird

btw what is this referring to

When a player gets a vote it puts the player’s name in bold inside a blue box, making them extra special.