MiscPick - Game Over!

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VOTE: Nanook

Nope, just saying its not mod confirmed. Idk abot the role

Nanook (1) Screen , Impulse
Riley Cake (2) MS, Screen
Skygazer (1) GTacc, Impulse
Mantis (0) Vizzy
Erika Furudo (1) MS , Screen , Riley
GTacc (2) Skygazer, Vizzy
Metal Sonic (PGO claim) (0) Screen


Vote Count 1.2

Riley Cake (2) - Metal Sonic, Srceenplay
GTacc (2) - Skygazer, Vizzy
Skygazer (1) - GTacc
Erika Furudo (1) - Riley Cake
Nanook (1) - impulse

Not Voting (4) - Nanook, Mantis, Erika Furudo, pyx

Deadline falls on September 5th, 00:00 UTC.

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So MS is an IC
PYX sees I’m town and telling everyone. Plus it looks like he has a good town read list going on that I’m ok with.
We have this game won.


Trying to discredit the mod and causing doubt for us.

VOTE: pyx

Anyone voting the town block is scum claiming.
You are getting lynched tomorrow

Lets see…

VOTE: skygazer

Wrong. Non-town simply means that the mod cannot tell us if there is only scum or not. It does not necessitate the presence of 3rd party

I agree with this.

I also don’t like how he asked if your passive is a lie detector, it sounded like rolefishing

VOTE: gtacc


Im sorry but MS town is not justified to me, you can consider him town if you think mod slipped

Btw after a reread, lying detector question is really weird, it was just screen saying fake to everyone and I wasnt really serious about lie detector cuz its tooo op but the votes on me make sense, i accept it. I somehow feel they are town but… i kinda dont understand those nanook pyx and sky votes

Actually if I consider ms a confirmed town and he flips mafia I can alwyas blame the mod, so why doubt about it

I wanna say that I only played 1 game with sky but in that game, they obvtowned at the beginning and rn their start of day really feels weak compared to that game…

When did we play together again?

Im RedFlavor from MS

Summary of gtac recent posts.


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So I was thinking really hard to myself… why gtacc, if he is scum, why he would question my towniness, what would be his motive as scum. Maybe he might be town trying to figure things out, I was considering it. If he was scum, wouldn’t it be easier to just go with it, since he knows I am town, then kill me at night? Easier and raises less suspicion.

Then, I realized that he knows he can’t kill me because of my PGO. And I publically claimed it. Lol.