Miscellany uPick (11/11) Signups closed, accepting replacements!

Give me any character/object/concept/verb/etc from any setting, real-life, fiction, whatever. I’ll give you back an appropriately-flavoured role.

Everyone is guaranteed to have at least one active ability and at least one passive ability. Probably more because fuck it why not.

This game will likely contain one or more broken shitty experimental mechanics.

I’ll take any number of players.

Signups last until sometime next week.

Example Role PM


  1. Srceenplay
  2. impulse
  3. Vizzy
  4. Clem
  5. Riley Cake
  6. Skygazer
  7. Mantis
  8. Erika Furudo
  9. pyx
  10. fromis_9 stanner
  11. Metal Sonic


  1. Ellibereth



slash in

I posted an example role PM, so y’all know approximately what to expect of this game.
You can also send me your choices whenever.

/in cause why not



i sended in my picks

cause im a good boy

/in … even though I shouldn’t. Sounds interesting.


um… hello and howdy. I just wanted to calm any trepidatiousness signatories may experience upon finding me on the list after the game start, or if they happen to believe in ghosts or such and mistakenly have sprung upon their perceptiveness that maybe I appeared out of nowhere all of a sudden like, or, if with wiffers fully engaged, they sensed my presence though only as some feint apparition. See, my /in is almost imperceptible to the nekid eye because, well, I’m invisiblated (which, as some may have guessed, is my sooper secret power). Don’t panic, and try NOT to be alarmed.

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Well now I have to put you on the list! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna keep signups open until Friday, then work on this over the weekend.

Signups will close at August 25, 2018 12:00 AM (Europe: Paris), August 24, 2018 3:00 PM (America: Los Angeles)
Still need picks from @Mantis & @ErikaFurudo!

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i heard my name


If we gets 3 invisiblated we cans cross the streams and open up a portal to another dimension. I’m pretty sure. But only 9 more hours, unless maybe we want to try and invisiblate Furudo just on name coolness. Furudo. Furudo.

I bet she has hairy feet.

what happens in the other dimension