Marked for Death


  • 6 Town vs. 2 Mafia
  • Daystart
  • Every night Mafia must poison a living town player. It is publicly declared at the start of next day that said player has been poisoned and that they will die at the end of the next day.
  • Mafia have night and day talk.
  • Town wins when all mafia are dead, Mafia win when number of living mafia is greater or equal to number of living town

Ranked Stuff:

  • Voting Mafia at end of day good. Voting Town or not voting at end of day bad. Being voted by other town bad.

Nanook: Town, Vanilla
StarV: Mafia, Goon
chesskid3: Town, Vanilla
Andresvmb: Town, Vanilla
JakeTheWolfie: Mafia, Goon
GoalkeeperBoss: Town, Vanilla
M2H: Town, Vanilla
Seththeking: Town, Vanilla


Reminder: Hammers active after everyone has voted.



Not Voting (8): Nanook, StarV, chesskid3, Andresvmb, JakeTheWolfie, GoalkeeperBoss, M2H, Seththeking



Now that I think about it, my vote on Ellibereth wasn’t justified.

VOTE: Jake

how do i unvote but for other people

Hi my name is nanook and I’m here to hold the hammer

The only thing you’re gonna hold is this [REDACTED]

Now I want to make an exception

@Ellibereth are ranked games friendly?


Ranked games aren’t games.


Ranked games are Raked games.

Jake you’re so clever will you be my sensei

Nanook I will legit race u down to 1s left in DL

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Y’all are dumb


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