Mafia Dance

3 Mafia v 8 VT
Day and Night Cycle
1 Execution on D1, 2 Executions from D2 and onward
Mafia has 1 night kill each night
Important mechanic: At the beginning of the game, I will give the name of a player on this forum to every town member, and they have to act like the player I said. Mafia isn’t going to know who this player is so they have to act like they know the player and figure out who is town acting.

At the eod people with most votes get dkdk’ed, mafia breaks any tie
Mafia have 7/24 chat

Will the game be someone playing the game?

what do you mean

If Eliiberetta doesn’t join the game, could the name that the town get be theirs?

it can be anybody on forum

But this forum only has 3 users

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join this game

On the same day and you already have 3 In’s.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Ok?


Change it to this site and FoL because I wanna get the DybuDabu Rolecard.

DybuDabu, DybuDabu

GTacc Lock Scum.

Vote GTacc or looooooooser.

Vote GTacc.
Me or GTacc.
GTacc Scum.

DybuDabu, DybuDabu.

I just realized that it’s only one person.
Still would be funny if everyone just started acting like Dybu Dabu lol.


Your Scum. Only Scum vote Town. I’m Town.
Caught Scum.

Caught Scum