Mafia 4 5 1 2 [Over!]

I’m running this for @StarV because I’m a really nice admin.


Believe it or not, in a 10 player game there are FOUR goddamn mafia

5 Vanilla townies, and 1 glorious DAY VIGILANTE upon whose shoulders the game basically rests!

The Dayvig is allowed private shots EVERY DAY, and they have a total number of shots each day equal to the MINIMUM number (assuming perfect accuracy in whatever direction makes lylo happen fastest) that will bring the game to LYLO, though they may of course choose not to use any or all of their shots. Please note that the number of shots per day does not change DURING the day. It is purely a calculation of the quickest number of shots to get the game to town having one more player than scum.

Day one, this means they have ONE SHOT regardless of who they hit.

Note that because of this mechanic, endgame does not apply while the dayvig lives

To avoid the boring scenario of scum getting advantage and deciding to activity race the vig (as this is meant to be a live setup, I will allow conditional shots, such as ‘Automatically shoot anyone who votes’ if the game slips to scum > town.

Mafia have a factional kill and daytalk.

Days will be 72h, Nights, 24h.

Vanilla town WILL NOT RECIEVE A ROLE PM The only PMS distributed will be the scumteam and the Dayvig, who will receive a quiz before the game starts to ensure they understand the rule changes since version one of this game

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Please take this time to READ THE OP and PM me if you have any questions.

not reading the op is




Day 1 now 72h

SUP HOMES this ur boiiii URIST here for another iteration of everyone’s fav podcast, URILOQUY
so the other day i was jut workin an shit, u kno how it go, jsut tippy tappin on the keyboard, wen my coworks just come up an aks me “yo dawg u send me an emal but i cant read it” an im lik WAT bitch u fuckin illigitimate or smthg, cant fuckin read n shit, like what LOL. so neway i told him ta get fucked n ye cannae belif what happen next

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can we please shoot urist

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For a moment there I thought that was a post from chesskid and was extremely confused

what happened next???

Also if you have a podcast called Uriloquy I would listen to possibly one episode

if it was a reasonable length

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you wouldn’t believe it

how long is reasonable, like 30 minutes?

I think that would depend on the subject matter

Shoot seth

K ground rules for town

  1. You’ll all be active but not overly so, I move countries next week and I have a shitton of work to get through so filling this topic with bullshit makes me less effective which lowers your chance of winning. If you’re consistently making consecutive posts you’re too active.

  2. I’ll announce the shot with around 36 hours left, vig makes it asap. If it misses lynch me we’ll take the loss. If it hits I direct the lynch too.

you’re aware that this is a meme game right

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Hear the town in me
Dont shoot me
This is my last post

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haiku’s second lines
should have seven syllables
get it together!

Moderating this
No shitposting for me now
This is my last post






I will generate lots of content for you starting with this haiku

Hi Ellibereth
Do you even know my soul?
(Would) Be nice if you did