M19 Doc 14 Game Thread - Mafia win!


lock broken lmao?

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Final Votecount

JKBear331 (3): Andresvmb, orangeandblack5, Firekitten
laserlab (2): Quin, EricH
TheFlash (2): gellnick, laserlab
Dwai (2): clonedcheese, Dwai
Aelin (2): Squirrel2412, ejjinami
orangeandblack5 (1): Aelin

Not Voting (2): JKBear331, TheFlash

All players have 5 minutes to message me with corrections

JKBear331 has been executed! He was…

Data, Mafia Goon

You are Data, Mafia Goon. You and your partners share an assigned factional kill, which must be used every night.
Reach parity with the Town.

Night 1 begins and will end in 24 hours, at 2022-07-15T01:00:00Z. Actions must be submitted by 1 hour before the end of the night.


EoD1 Flavor

After a long day at the Future Robotics Celebration, the robots reconvened.

“I believe the optimal course of action is for all of us to share what we did today,” said one robot. “That way, we can easily consolidate our evidence. I suggest that Data begins.”

“I spent the day composing a poem in honor of my cat,” said Data. “I call it ‘Ode to Spot.’”

Data began to read out his poem. However, as he reached the closing lines, one of the other robots spoke up.

“Query (high priority),” they said. “You just spent the entire day writing a poem? How does this help us find the Mafia Alliance members?”

“That is correct,” said Data. “I judged it a maximally efficient usage of my time. You see, my internal prioritization function weights my cat with a value of 102.5. It weights finding Mafia Alliance members with a priority of 4.7. As my cat is approximately 21.8 times more important than finding Mafia Alliance members, I chose to focus on my poem.”

“It was a very nice poem, but I find it implausible that a Town Alliance member would weight finding Mafia Alliance members so insignificantly,” said another robot. “I estimate it is highly likely Data is a member of the Mafia Alliance.”

“So are all of you agreed, then?” said the announcer. “In that case, I am pleased to announce that you are… drumroll please…” (they paused briefly) “…correct! Congratulations!”

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Actions are locked. If you did not receive feedback tonight, you slept peacefully.

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EoN1 Flavor

“Welcome to the second day of the Future Robotics Celebration,” said the first announcer from the previous day, rolling onto the makeshift stage. “We’re pleased to announce that every robot from yesterday is returning today.”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “With the exception of Data, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” said the first announcer. “Anyone eliminated in the voting phase is gone for good. But no one was destroyed overnight!”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “It’s basically like yesterday, but with one fewer member of the Mafia Alliance! Can you tell us who they tried to destroy?”

“Unfortunately, that’s secret!” said the first announcer. “Well, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time for the competition to resume! And remember, keep on your safety glasses while you’re in the pit area!”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “Do I still have to wear safety glasses if I don’t have an ocular sensor?”

“Yes!” said the first announcer. “Everyone is required to wear safety glasses in the pit area!”

“Wow!” said the second announcer. “In that case, I think everyone can go get started now!”

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Night 1 has ended. No one has died in the night. Day 2 begins and will end in 48 hours, at 2022-07-17T01:00:00Z, or earlier if a majority is reached for execution. With 13 players alive, majority is 7.

…Who’s ready to play a doc13



It’s prob eric

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Orange are you ready to do nothing all day and then execute another wolf with me at eod

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No because it’s prob just eric

Their back and forth with JKBear seemed super theater-y

we can pretend it’s not them though

god tier

must be a villager orange

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in that case

Andres town
Fire town

squirrel towny
Aelin town?
Dwai town?

Flash town?
Ejji towny but also a good player

cheese okay
Quin okay

gellnick not great

EricH bad

Flash/gellnick not w/w
JKBear/Andres not w/w
Fire/JKBear not w/w
gellnick/Fire not w/w
cloned/illwei not w/w
illwei/aelin not w/w
Aelin/cloned not w/w

dude this is way too much work

Also quin probably too low there?