M17 Mafia Chat

Hello Mafia

This is the Mafia chat. You can pose any questions you want me to answer here as well as your role card. The members of this team are @EricH, @Squirrel2412 and @JKBear331. For details on your roles see the OP.

  • Your M17 mod quin
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ooh this will be fun


Though 50% chance I get found sus D2 because I’m not dead yet.

dont worry I will save with flawed logic and get myself killed instead :slight_smile:


Not if I block the person trying that…

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ok i will try to avoid flawed logic

No, seriously. I’m the roleblocker.

ah that works well too

Hi friends

Thankfully none of you are in the other game otherwise I’d have serious trouble keeping things straight in my head

I’m a goon btw

Figured, it’s 1 roleblocker and two goons.

We’ll try to keep each other from being gooners…

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@Quin does the vigi keep their shot if they’re roleblocked on the same night they shoot?

Thinking strategy… I would say that we probably want to figure out motion detector and/or vigilante first. We want the vig to shoot N2 as long as they don’t suspect one of us, then see if we can get them to declare. Detector… well, you’ve seen what happens if a tracker gets onto the mafia.

I’m not sure I’m able to pocket people… but I might try to get Kline or Nick if I were.

Actually… as an idea, and I don’t know if it’s a good one…
RVS each other, then change away, if the timing is right. Almost sounds like a gambit the squirrel would try…

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Shot will be consumed.

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As someone who’s played as an md before, it’s harder to use correctly than say, a tracker

We can mostly avoid suspicion from the md if the person carrying out the kill soft hints that they’re a pr (and I mean really soft, since we only want only the md to pick up on that)

I would but I dont think I’d be around enough to pull that off

You two could do it if you want tho

@JKBear331 gonna be a real hoot when EKline finds out you’re Mafia…



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@Squirrel2412 pocket StarV. He’s halfway there.

Heh. Either he’s bluffing, or 2/3 of us are fooling StarV.

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