M17 “Gold Rush” Game Thread [No Contest]


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That is a strange thing for someone to say after two town die

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Is it though?

Yeah I would say it is

Unless you are trying to get voted out

Can we not act like it was a tragedy that we killed a player who did nothing useful on D1? Maybe if his reads post came out with 4 hours left instead of 5 minutes, we could have reconsidered, but like… Really, I don’t think clonedcheese D1 was bad for us at all.

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Also, this associative is probably glaringly obvious to everyone, but if Nanook is mafia, ejjinami has to always be mafia.

oh wait, dumbtell… nanook is dead.

Also, I never kill Nanook in that situation, so that’s interesting. @gellnick you should probably know that.

The night kill being on wagon is super awkward, I’m going to have to re-check the thread to see who I’m supposed to be town reading…

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I wonder if this was strictly theoretical, or if it was based on TMI observation from this game alone…

This is also bad, wishy washy & really unnecessary given the game state.

I will not lead a wagon today, but I will sheep :sheep:

@orangeandblack5 is it bad that I don’t think Gellnick is mafia?


If I had to guess at this point in time, I would say all 3 mafia are in this list of 5.

I’m having a hard time believing that. May I ask how I can trust that you wouldn’t kill Nanook in that situation?
just thinking through things:
Did Nanook get killed because scum thought he was a PR or did he get killed because he was threatening to scum? Or was he killed to screw with us? Can we assume that scum killing him is significant, or could the doctor have saved scum’s target with nanook being killed by the vig?

@vigilante, if you took your shot, reveal it and who it was please.


An interesting turn of events

Because if I believe in the push against me, Nanook is the perfect (and only) scapegoat, and if I don’t believe in the push against me then Nanook was obviously not PR and not trying hard enough to really counter anything that I was doing.

Speaking of which, you probably want to know which fantasy world I’m living in? I’m living in the fantasy world that the push against me is a hilarious sham that is never going to work. And no, I wouldn’t kill Nanook in that situation because PR hunting is more important in this setup than someone who can’t be bothered to fight my rhetoric.

I highly doubt that

Any vigi who wanted to shoot on wagon kills starv, not nanook

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That’s true, but I remember a couple wierd vig shots in the past.

If you’re a vig who’s confident I’m dying during the day, shooting Nanook makes a lot of sense. But I highly doubt it’s a vig shot.

In role madness games, sure

Not in a near vanilla game