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A target implies someone to kill, a target of no-one means no target…

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No it does not. The target was no one. He did submit the action which is the mandatory part.

This is based off the champs setup right?

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If it is then here’s the rule in the champs setup which is how it should’ve been worded
The mafia factional kill is mandatory.

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The roles are the same. I did not pull anything else from that setup.

Ok, this can be a post game discussion after maf wins for a green check that tbh shouldn’t exist.

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the kill is manditory, they just didnt kill anyone in the game

hence orange probably saw that squirrel visited no one, the target of the kill

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That is uh

A very very strange interpretation of “kills are mandatory”


How else would it be phased? The act of submitting an action is mandatory, which the mafia faction kill is.

Normally “factional kill is mandatory” means you have to submit a kill on an actual living player

Otherwise it isn’t actually mandatory

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As a counter-argument, and feel free to disagree:

Normally, the town (+scum) daykill is mandatory. That is, there HAS to be a vote, and if there’s a tie or nobody votes then there’s a tiebreaker and somebody is out of the game.

But, Town can vote NoElim. It’s not a good practice, but it is (usually) a legal move. When it happens, Town’s daykill does not happen.

That said:
If after the game it’s found that this was not a valid move, I would move to declare a draw. We’ve occasionally done that (on CD) if the game mod messed up enough to affect the outcome. Don’t recall what game that was on, though.

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“kill is mandatory” but also “kill doesnt have to kill someone”???
make it make sense honestly.

The whole “daykill” thing doesnt translate because nowhere does it ever say day kill, its always vote to elim, and NoElim is specifically called out in OP.

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Did you read the term clarification? A Night submission consists of two parts, an action and a target. With action being the /command and target being what that command is directly upon. For non use limited submissions the action is mandatory to avoid possible randomization of that night’s submission. The target is what gives the action its affect on the game. There is no restriction that the target needs to be a member of the alive list of players.

I understand that but the idea of having a “target” implies that someone will die IMO. The idea of making the “action” of targeting someone to kill “mandatory” directly contradicts the concept that you can target nobody. Like why even word it that way instead of just directly saying Mafia do not have to kill someone at night if they choose, the way it was worded has obviously opened itself up to interpretation and favors the mafia team directly.

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I’m not really trying to argue it, I’m just letting you know what the standard is many/most places. Run your games however you want–perhaps consider in the future not saying that something is mandatory when it is, in fact, optional.


probably the one where we accidently send nick to the dead chat and he wasn’t supposed to, or one of the other ones. Should be on the hub page

Hey @CRichardFoL welcome to the dead chat, where we discuss the meaning of what mandatory actually means