M17 Dead Chat

Hello dead

This is the dead chat. If you are reading this that means you have died in M17. The roles and alignments are included in hidden text below. Enjoy the world of the dead.

  • Your M17 mod quin
Role list

EricH- Mafia Roleblocker
Erickline/CRichardFoL- Town Doctor
Squirrel2412- Mafia Goon
Gellnick- Vanilla Town
Jkbear331- Mafia Goon
Laserlab- Vanilla Town
Andresdmv- Vanilla Town
Clonedcheese- Vanilla Town
Waxton- Vanilla Town
Orangeandblack5- Town Motion Detector
Starv- Vanilla Town
Nanook- Vanilla Town
Ejjinami- Vanilla Town
Goalkeeperboss- Town One-Shot Vigilante
jletendre- Vanilla Town

before i open that
let me guess 2/1 on the amount of scum on my wagon/off my wagon
If it’s StarV/Orange/Gellnick ima cry


probably should’ve included this one in my kill list
i highly disliked their response about the activity question since that wasn’t their usual self, but i let that slide

frick what were the posts that ticked me off

if only i was not the lhf that they went for

what the fuck

someone has some explaining to do once they arrive here tmrw

hi nanook

cheese reading and basically fuming at starV for 1 post since nothing has happened

“nothing useful” my ass
this gets more and more depressing knowing that starV is town

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Sorry cloned if I’d been around for eod you were obvious town

I was asleep tho

I almost said I wonder why they nked me then I remembered I hard claimed a pr, guess they took that seriously lol


yea that was mainly the reason and we didn’t think we could get starv that early


Squirrel is gonna be hard pressed to win this with motion detector and doc still alive

Wow am I glad that I didn’t actually kill Erick

Or the Richard dude that replaced him

He’s running powerwolf. He might have a chance.

Yeah reading back on his posts he seems to be doing pretty well

I intentionally took the kill on the chance motion detector was watching.

I think orange scoped u out