M17 Dead Chat

Yeah. No way he didn’t.

We were thinking gellnick was MD, blocked him N1.

One other thing: I don’t intend on playing with StarV again. Not because he’s a bad player. Because his playstyle pisses. Me. Off. Remember back when we had that shooting game on CD and I shot Orange right away primarily because he was rubbing me the wrong way?

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Yup I remember it

Why wasn’t I roleblocked last night out of curiosity @EricH

We wanted the doctor to NOT heal you, and we were pretty sure CRich was doctor.

That, and we were thinking you were undecided as to target between me and StarV (and maybe CRich). Gambling? Yeah.

I opted to make the kill in order to protect squirrel. He’s still in there. It’s a question of for how long.

With starv pushing as aggressively as they are now this game could be pretty close to done


That aggressiveness is part of what annoys me. Orange toned down within a game or two. Not sure StarV will.

Like, the dude can’t even IMAGINE that there’s ANY other option than what HE says. (Sound familiar to anybody in the U.S.?)

Doesn’t matter how good you are. If you’re going to push like that, don’t be surprised if people eventually stop playing with you.


Hey @jletendre how was ur first game of mafia

also like dude you are a VT for crying out loud. Chill out a bit. also I really want to know what got him on me and erich

to be fair, its worked pretty well
but its also kinda annoying

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it worked but was annoying as heck. like at least tell us your hunch

I mean he can imagine it and his reads are more agile than they outwardly appear

But there’s no point in making reads that aren’t presented as confident, you don’t usually successfully push people by saying “I think they’re mafia but idk, what do you guys think?”


But what he is doing is saying “this is the facts, no I’m not going to explain Jack shit, do what I say.” I know that I don’t operate like that. Give me SOMETHING that I can relate to, or go punch yourself in the face.

Even a “his posts are telling me that he’s X and here’s a sample for you to figure out why” is better than “because I say so”.

Ask Orange after game end. In a shooting game where we were both Town I shot him because he was pushing too hard, and to me a bit too personal.

There are ways to convince me; lack of evidence is one of the worst, second only to talking down to me.

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but you are just a wee bit

also now wondering a bit if StarV actually read the CD rules that were part of this game

Shrugs, I think its mostly just clashing play and communication style


On another note, I’m finding the day chat hilarious. Squirrel took the only move he could take, and so far it’s played perfectly.

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@Quin how did orange not see anything on squirrel last night?

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Squirrel submitted at kill target of no one. Hence no movement.

Mafia factional kills are mandatory - they must submit a target every night

That very much seems to contradict this…

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