M16 Dead/Spectator Chat

well this is bad for Arete…

ok how did arete get out of that

By throwing suspicion elsewhere, picking random posts and then saying “OK, JK should be taken out”.

And cheese should be taken out on general principles, he’s focused solely on Kline.

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Problem is, 2/3 of the JK votes are scum… Hopefully Orange corrects later. They gotta nail Arete.

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Yeah, this is gonna be interesting.

I do apologize, will not do that again.

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Go, Squirrel! Get 'em!

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I love how Ari’s the only one suspicious of Arete yet no one trusts Ari really

Quin might. Hopefully laser joins him.

This is really quite entertaining to watch

Lol there are two tracker options, only one was chosen.

Squirrels planning on claiming tracker if he gets voted out

Ari’s joining the chat at SoD, or I miss my guess. Now taking bets.

Ari or Kline i think.

Ari’s been pocketed… at least for now.

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That’s it, kaylee. get a squirrel wagon going. FORCE a pardoner move.

And laserlab moving the Arete wagon…

Hold on to your fannies, folks, 'cuz this gonna be a wild one!

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ok this is gonna be real interesting.
also, should I make the EOD Day 3 link a rickroll until EOD?



If you have to ask, you need to up your troll game.


Got it. I put a couple other random links in there.