M16 Dead/Spectator Chat

Only person here rn lol

Jesus lmao
I was completely unavailable all day and now i’m dead :joy::cry:

Yeah, unfortunately.
But hey, now you get to help write flavor if you want to lol

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:sweat_smile::rofl:Yeah i guess so
I was completely gone, what exactly did i miss? I was writing a paper all day and couldn’t check at all

long story short, everyone piled on EK and then EK figured out a way to get out of it by going for you?
I wasn’t following for the last 100-200 posts where most of the action happened.

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Greaaat lol i should have said something about it while i still could

lmk if you want to see the role list, I’ll PM you a screenshot.

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Just a tad bit irritated with myself but thankfully this isn’t the last mafia game

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lol def not, i’m gonna see if I can convince EK or orange to host the next one tho because i wanna play

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Yeah sure! I would love to see the list

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Haha totally understandable

Welcome to the dead chat @EricH!
If you’d like to see the rolelist, lmk and I’ll PM it to you.

Yeah, I’d like to see how right I was.

Funny thing, there’s two universal backup claims down already and nobody else.

It was Arete that started the pile–then it was a game of EK trying to make sure he lived.


Oh, good. Orange listened. Let’s hope it stays…

Really? Who else made UBackup claims?



Love that squirrel is going to iso me, because I’m already out of the game…

Let’s see if Kline finds that suspicious.

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Kline’s smelling a (tree) rat. This could end really really badly for scum.