M16 Dead/Spectator Chat

This is gonna be real interesting, Arete can’t pardon himself…

If it sticks, scum is going to be in trouble, they’ll be down Arete and then probably squirrel, and all they’ll have is a tracker that they can’t talk to.

I seriously doubt anyone’s gonna find Cat for a while, mainly because of her inactivity…
Flash too, but he’s really good at playing Town so he’s probably gonna be just fine.
Squirrel and Arete are in a lot of trouble rn lol
I’m betting either an Orange or Kline kill next.

Kline could backfire, though–if Arete goes down and they target Kline, he hits squirrel in revenge, it’s going to hurt a lot.

At that point Cat and Flash will need to be more active than they are. Arete’s playing power town, squirrel’s playing town-ish (but again, why iso the dead?)… All it’ll take is a realization that scum’s down to 2 and all of a sudden full role reveals make sense.

I will say tho that Eric wanted to take out Kaylee N1 if he was killed…

I think it’s a 50-50 chance he’ll take out Squirrel or Kaylee, if he hits kaylee that’s gonna set town back a bunch.


What was iso again :sweat_smile:
Yeah honestly Eric and Ari are catching on so much faster than i had anticipated any town would within the first day of any game.

I suppose the best thing about drafting is that you aren’t automatically given Town Tracker lol (@EricH)


Iso=isolate posts (and then see what info you can get out of them).

The idea is to see 1) is X playing like their usual play, 2) what is X thinking about and how much do I trust them, 3) if X was Town, who do THEY think is suspicious and why?

@gellnick Was that 2 or 3 in a row, one as backup, and the 4th I was VT and was NK1? Something like that.

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something crazy like that, that was a fun couple of games, especially because I think I was scum 2 or 3 times when you were tracker…

And you seem to have a gift for guessing the scum D1…

The one I recall specifically, you claimed Tracker when I was, I called you on it and laid cards down, you lost the vote. That night I managed to track the kill and we took out a Goon in no time flat. I was the next NK.

Yeah, sometimes I just get lucky.

yeah, that was M3. Probably one of my favorite scum games, after M14 and I think M11 (or M9?).
Favorite town game was definitely M13. (@darth_tabor, I’M THE COP)

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To be fair though, I never said I was the TOWN tracker, I just said I was the Tracker and assumed everyone would think I was the Town Tracker lmao

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Exceptions include posts that have no relevance to the game at all. If I’ve liked it, it’s ok to like.

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@EricH, I’m curious about your opinion of Squirrel’s ISO of you.

Not everything I say is a role hint–he should have remembered that I stopped hinting roles quite a long time ago.

Looks like he’s trying to throw suspicion off of scum, or more likely onto himself to have Arete use the Pardoner power. Though once that happens Arete can’t use it again, and hopefully Orange and Eric and Bepwei and Ari catch on that “someone got pardoned, take them out again!”

Yeah. Mafia are trying to push squirrel as the “fall person” over Arete. Good strategy on their part. Not sure Orange and EKline will fall for it though.

This’ll be interesting, I’m betting Squirrel or Arete is out tomorrow.

Gotta love the Orange/Arete dialogue. Arete’s toast if Orange keeps on him.

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